The Best 84 Places To Sell Crafts Online

In the digital age, turning your crafting passion into a profitable venture is easier than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a creative soul looking to share your unique crafts with the world, there’s an online marketplace waiting for your creations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 84 diverse platforms where you can sell your handmade wonders, connecting with a global audience and turning your craft into a thriving business.

  1. Etsy: Known as the go-to platform for handmade and vintage items, Etsy offers a bustling marketplace with millions of potential buyers. Customize your shop, showcase your crafts, and tap into a community of like-minded artisans.
  2. Amazon Handmade: Leverage the massive customer base of Amazon by joining Amazon Handmade, a dedicated marketplace for artisans. Create a storefront, list your handmade products, and benefit from the trust associated with the Amazon brand.
  3. eBay: For those seeking a broad audience, eBay provides a platform for auction-style or fixed-price listings. Expand your reach and engage with a diverse community of buyers.
  4. Shopify: Build your own online store with Shopify, a versatile e-commerce platform. Customize your site, manage inventory, and establish your brand in the competitive online market.
  5. Instagram: Transform your Instagram profile into a virtual storefront. Utilize the “Shop” feature to tag and sell your crafts directly through posts, stories, and IGTV.
  6. Facebook Marketplace: Tap into the local market by selling your crafts on Facebook Marketplace. Connect with buyers in your community and facilitate seamless transactions.
  7. Pinterest: Showcase your crafts on Pinterest and leverage its visual appeal to attract potential buyers. Utilize Rich Pins to provide additional information about your products.
  8. Handmade at Amazon: As an extension of Amazon, Handmade at Amazon exclusively features handmade items. Set up your shop and gain exposure to Amazon’s massive customer base.
  9. ArtFire: ArtFire is a marketplace designed for independent artists. Create a customizable shop, list your crafts, and benefit from a community that appreciates handmade creations.
  10. Zibbet: With Zibbet, you can sell your crafts across multiple platforms, including Etsy, Shopify, and more. Manage your inventory and sales from a single dashboard.
  11. Bonanza: Create your online booth on Bonanza, an easy-to-use platform that offers exposure to a diverse customer base. With low fees and customizable options, it’s an excellent choice for expanding your online presence.
  12. Redbubble: If your crafts include unique designs or illustrations, Redbubble is the place to be. Upload your artwork, and Redbubble handles everything from printing to shipping, allowing you to focus on creating.
  13. Society6: Similar to Redbubble, Society6 specializes in art-driven products. Sell your designs on various items, from prints to home decor, and let Society6 handle production and fulfillment.
  14. Handmade Artists’ Shop: For a community-driven experience, consider the Handmade Artists’ Shop. Connect with fellow artisans, share your creations, and showcase your crafts in a supportive environment.
  15. Folksy: Catering to UK-based artisans, Folksy is a vibrant marketplace for handmade items. Set up your shop and reach a community that appreciates locally crafted goods.
  16. Dawanda: If you’re looking for a European market, Dawanda provides a platform for creators across the continent. List your handmade items and connect with buyers seeking unique crafts.
  17. Cratejoy: Specializing in subscription boxes, Cratejoy allows you to turn your crafts into a recurring revenue stream. Design a subscription box service and tap into the growing market of curated, thematic deliveries.
  18. Big Cartel: For those who prefer a minimalist approach, Big Cartel offers a straightforward platform to showcase and sell your crafts. Customize your store and keep full control over your brand.
  19. Handmadeology Market: Join the Handmadeology community by selling your crafts on their dedicated marketplace. Benefit from a platform designed by and for artisans, fostering a sense of camaraderie.
  20. iCraft: iCraft focuses on handmade and independent goods, providing a platform for artisans worldwide. Create your online store and tap into a marketplace dedicated to unique, artisanal products.
  21. Minted: If your crafts include stationery, art prints, or custom designs, Minted is an excellent choice. Join their artist community and submit your work to be featured on their curated marketplace.
  22. UncommonGoods: UncommonGoods is known for featuring unique, handcrafted items. Apply to become a vendor and showcase your crafts to a customer base that appreciates the artistry and individuality of handmade goods.
  23. Handmade Hunt: Handmade Hunt is a search engine that curates handmade items from various platforms. Ensure your crafts are discoverable by listing them on the platforms that Handmade Hunt indexes.
  24. Handmade on Amazon (Amazon Handmade Global): Expand your reach internationally with Handmade on Amazon Global. Reach customers across the globe by listing your crafts on Amazon’s dedicated handmade marketplace for a global audience.
  25. CustomMade: For artisans creating bespoke and custom items, CustomMade is an ideal platform. Connect with customers seeking one-of-a-kind pieces and turn your craft into personalized creations.
  26. Crate & Barrel | CB2: If your crafts align with modern home decor, consider becoming a vendor on Crate & Barrel or CB2. Reach a broad audience seeking contemporary, stylish handmade items.
  27. Not on the High Street: As the name suggests, Not on the High Street features unique, exclusive products not commonly found elsewhere. Join their platform to showcase your crafts to a discerning customer base.
  28. Scoutmob: Scoutmob focuses on connecting local artisans with buyers seeking unique, locally made goods. If you appreciate the charm of handmade items and local craftsmanship, this platform is worth exploring.
  29. Supermarket: Supermarket is a curated marketplace for independent designers and makers. Apply to become a vendor and feature your crafts alongside other unique, high-quality products.
  30. Handmade Catalog: Diversify your online presence by listing your crafts on Handmade Catalog, a platform that aggregates handmade items from various sellers. Gain exposure to a broader audience seeking artisanal products.
  31. Aftcra: Aftcra prides itself on being an all-American handmade marketplace. If your crafts are made in the USA, consider joining this platform to connect with buyers who value locally crafted products.
  32. Hyena Cart: Specializing in handmade, eco-friendly, and natural products, Hyena Cart is a marketplace catering to a niche audience. List your crafts if they align with the platform’s focus on sustainability and natural materials.
  33. GLC Craft Mall: GLC Craft Mall provides a platform for artisans to sell handmade and vintage items. Join this marketplace to showcase your crafts in a space that values the creativity and uniqueness of handmade goods.
  34. My Own Creation (MOC): My Own Creation is a platform that caters to LEGO enthusiasts and creators. If your crafts involve LEGO-inspired designs, MOC offers a community eager to explore and purchase your unique creations.
  35. Silkfair: Silkfair is an online marketplace that emphasizes social commerce. Create your shop, interact with customers, and showcase your crafts in a platform that values the social aspect of online selling.
  36. Ruby Lane: Ruby Lane specializes in vintage and antique items, making it an ideal platform if your crafts incorporate elements of nostalgia or vintage aesthetics. Set up shop and connect with collectors and enthusiasts.
  37. eCrater: eCrater is a free online marketplace that allows you to create your online store. List your crafts without worrying about listing fees, and customize your store to reflect your brand and style.
  38. Handmade Artists’ Forum: Join the Handmade Artists’ Forum and not only connect with fellow artisans but also gain access to their marketplace. Showcase your crafts in an environment that values community and creativity.
  39. Storenvy: Storenvy provides a platform for independent brands and makers. Create your shop, list your crafts, and tap into a community of shoppers looking for unique, independent products.
  40. Luulla: Luulla is a marketplace that focuses on handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Join Luulla to present your crafts to a global audience interested in discovering and supporting independent creators.
  41. Houzz: If your crafts involve home decor, furniture, or unique design pieces, consider listing them on Houzz. Connect with homeowners and design enthusiasts looking for distinctive handmade items to enhance their spaces.
  42. The CraftStar: The CraftStar is a marketplace dedicated to handmade, vintage, and unique items. Showcase your crafts on this platform that values creativity and supports independent artisans.
  43. Spoonflower: Spoonflower is a unique platform for crafters who design their own fabric. Turn your designs into fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap to sell on Spoonflower and connect with fellow DIY enthusiasts.
  44. GLC Arts and Crafts Mall: GLC Arts and Crafts Mall is a community-driven marketplace for handmade and unique items. Join this platform to engage with fellow artisans and showcase your crafts to a community of craft enthusiasts.
  45. HandmadeFuzzy: HandmadeFuzzy is a curated marketplace for quality handmade items. If your crafts embody a sense of warmth and coziness, consider listing them on this platform to attract buyers who appreciate handcrafted comfort.
  46. Misi: Misi is a UK-based online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. Reach a European audience by listing your crafts on Misi and connecting with buyers who appreciate handmade creations.
  47. ThriveMarket: ThriveMarket is a unique platform focused on sustainable and eco-friendly products. If your crafts align with a green lifestyle, consider joining ThriveMarket to connect with environmentally conscious consumers.
  48. Displate: For artists creating metal posters and prints, Displate offers a platform to showcase and sell your unique metal artwork. Explore this niche marketplace to reach art enthusiasts seeking distinctive pieces.
  49. CraftIsArt: CraftIsArt is an online marketplace that supports independent artists and crafters. Create your store, list your crafts, and engage with a community that values the handmade and unique.
  50. GLC Mall for Creative Crafts: GLC Mall for Creative Crafts is a marketplace that caters to a wide range of creative endeavors. List your crafts on this platform to reach a diverse audience interested in various handmade creations.
  51. eBid: eBid is an online auction platform that offers an alternative to larger auction sites. List your crafts on eBid to reach buyers looking for unique handmade items through a different auction experience.
  52. GLC 3Mall (Multi-Craft Marketplace): GLC 3Mall is a multi-craft marketplace that caters to various creative endeavors. Showcase your crafts in this diverse environment, reaching buyers with a wide range of artistic interests.
  53. Depop: If your crafts align with a trendy, fashion-forward audience, consider selling on Depop. This mobile-centric marketplace is popular among those seeking unique and stylish handmade items.
  54. Niche Retail: Niche Retail is a curated marketplace that focuses on quality, handmade items. Join this platform to connect with buyers who appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail in handmade crafts.
  55. Folksy (International): Folksy International expands the reach of the UK-based Folksy marketplace to an international audience. List your crafts on this platform to connect with global buyers interested in handmade goods.
  56. Made it Myself: Made it Myself is an online marketplace that caters to creators of handmade items. Join this platform to showcase your crafts and connect with buyers looking for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.
  57. ArtYah: ArtYah is an online marketplace dedicated to handmade, vintage, and artisanal items. List your crafts on ArtYah to connect with buyers who appreciate the authenticity of handmade creations.
  58. Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) Marketplace: If your crafts involve mosaic art, the SAMA Marketplace is an ideal platform. Join this community to showcase your mosaic creations and connect with buyers passionate about mosaic art.
  59. Saatchi Art: For artisans creating fine art and unique pieces, Saatchi Art provides a platform to reach art collectors worldwide. List your crafts on Saatchi Art and tap into a global network of art enthusiasts.
  60. Handmade on Peony: Handmade on Peony is a platform dedicated to supporting small businesses and handmade items. Create your shop and list your crafts on this community-driven marketplace.
  61. Maker’s Row: Maker’s Row is a platform that connects makers with manufacturers. If your crafts involve production at scale, consider joining Maker’s Row to find manufacturing partners and expand your reach.
  62. ShopHandmade: ShopHandmade is a marketplace that exclusively features handmade items. Join this platform to showcase your crafts and connect with buyers who prioritize supporting independent artisans.
  63. The Grommet: The Grommet is a platform that highlights and sells innovative and unique products. Apply to become a Grommet Maker to have your crafts featured and promoted to a community of early adopters.
  64. MadeHeart: MadeHeart is an international marketplace that specializes in handmade and unique items. List your crafts on MadeHeart to reach a global audience interested in one-of-a-kind creations.
  65. Zazzle: Zazzle allows artists to turn their designs into customizable products. If your crafts involve designs suitable for customization, join Zazzle to showcase your work on a variety of items.
  66. Newegg: For tech-oriented crafts, consider listing your creations on Newegg. This platform specializes in electronics and gadgets, providing a niche market for handmade tech-inspired items.
  67. Houfy: Houfy (House For You) is a marketplace designed for property owners and creative hosts. If your crafts involve unique home decor or hospitality-related items, list them on Houfy to connect with property owners.
  68. Felt: Felt is a New Zealand-based online marketplace that focuses on handmade and vintage items. Join Felt to connect with a community of buyers seeking unique creations from independent artisans.
  69. iArtView: iArtView is a mobile app that allows artists to virtually showcase their art in real-world settings. If your crafts involve visual art, use iArtView to enhance your online presence with immersive displays.
  70. iCraftGifts: iCraftGifts is a marketplace that supports independent artists and crafters. Join this platform to showcase your crafts to a community that appreciates the handmade and unique.RebelsMarket:
  71. RebelsMarket is a platform catering to alternative and unique lifestyles. If your crafts align with edgy, unconventional tastes, join RebelsMarket to showcase your creations to a community of rebels and trendsetters.
  72. Tindie: Tindie is a marketplace specifically for electronics enthusiasts and makers. List your tech-inspired crafts on Tindie to connect with a community that appreciates handmade electronic creations.
  73. Craftybase: Craftybase is not a marketplace, but a tool for crafters to manage their inventory, expenses, and pricing. Utilize Craftybase to organize your crafting business and streamline your selling process on various platforms.
  74. Dpop: Dpop is a mobile marketplace app that focuses on unique, secondhand, and handmade items. List your crafts on Dpop to engage with a mobile-savvy audience seeking distinct handmade products.
  75. GetCrafty: GetCrafty is an online marketplace that caters to a variety of handmade items. Join this platform to showcase your crafts and connect with buyers who appreciate the creativity behind handmade goods.
  76. Craft Show USA: Craft Show USA is an online marketplace dedicated to American artisans. List your crafts here to reach a domestic audience interested in supporting local and independent creators.
  77. Handmade Artists: Handmade Artists is a platform that allows artisans to showcase and sell their handmade creations. Join this community-driven marketplace to connect with fellow artists and buyers who value handmade items.
  78. Little Majlis: Little Majlis is a marketplace focusing on handmade and unique items in the Middle East. List your crafts on this platform to connect with buyers interested in distinctive, handmade creations in the region.
  79. FineArtAmerica: For artists creating visual arts and prints, FineArtAmerica is a platform that allows you to sell your artwork on various products. Join to showcase your crafts to a global audience interested in fine art.
  80. LuxeFinds: LuxeFinds is a curated marketplace focusing on stylish and luxurious products. If your crafts align with a higher-end market, consider listing them on LuxeFinds to attract buyers seeking upscale handmade items.
  81. GLC Artisan Marketplace: GLC Artisan Marketplace is a platform that celebrates the work of artisans across various categories. Join this marketplace to showcase your crafts and connect with a diverse community of fellow artisans.
  82. ShopWazobia: ShopWazobia is an e-commerce platform focused on promoting and selling African products, including handmade crafts. List your crafts here to reach a global audience interested in African-inspired creations.
  83. Makerist: Makerist is a marketplace for crafts, patterns, and DIY projects. If your crafts involve patterns or instructional content, consider listing them on Makerist to connect with makers looking for creative projects.
  84. iCraft (Canada): iCraft is a Canadian online marketplace for handmade items. If you’re based in Canada or create crafts with a Canadian flair, join iCraft to reach a local audience that values handmade craftsmanship.

    By exploring these additional platforms, you can diversify your online presence and reach audiences with specific interests and preferences. Tailor your approach to each platform to effectively showcase your crafts and connect with the right buyers.


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