Etsians are such great people

A while ago there was a topic on the forum of Etsy about helping several undiscovered shop collections too the Front Page.
And Hiyapapaya just made a treasury called “No Sales Yet!! Found these great Undiscovered shops!!” and I am on it and happy with it!! 🙂
I hope it helps me and so many other undiscovered shops to finally having that first sale 😉
So please help click and twitter it too the Front Page 😀

This time my item is on the fourth row, thirth column.

It’s another resin pendant in the shimmering turquoise color, featuring golden hearts in front of the rectangle, all cast in resin.

Buy Yourself A Resin Kit

72oz Premium Clear Epoxy Resin Kit High Gloss Casting and Coating Bubbles Free Art Resin for River Table Tops, Jewelry Making
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You can find and buy your own resin kit here and start creating your resin jewelry yourself. This is a
Premium Clear Epoxy Resin Kit – 72oz, Ideal for High Gloss Casting and Coating, Bubble-Free Art Resin Suitable for River Table Tops, Jewelry Making Projects, DIY Crafts, Tumblers, Molds, and Art Painting.


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