My latest creation

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I love this resin masterpiece. I bought some cheap potpourri from a shop in Holland. There were tons of little flowers and leaves in the bag and I picked two different colored flowers, white and orange, placed it in an 1 inch sized cabochon mould and put some clear resin in it. After the first layer had cured into jelly, I placed a layer of black colored resin onto it.

White And Orange Dried Flower Casted In Resin Pendant

And finally this is the result, It took a while before the silver plated pendants arrived in Holland. They came all the way from the states, unfortunatelly Holland doesn’t have such nice and simple jewelry supplies. 🙁

You can find it in my etsy shop.

72oz Premium Clear Epoxy Resin Kit High Gloss Casting and Coating Bubbles Free Art Resin for River Table Tops, Jewelry Making
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Buy Yourself A Resin Kit

You can find and buy your own resin kit here and start creating your resin jewelry yourself. This is a
Premium Clear Epoxy Resin Kit – 72oz, Ideal for High Gloss Casting and Coating, Bubble-Free Art Resin Suitable for River Table Tops, Jewelry Making Projects, DIY Crafts, Tumblers, Molds, and Art Painting.


  1. This one is my favorite one also. Love the two pretty little flowers.

    Your blog is very new so do not get discouraged if it takes a while to build up a good following. I had my blog for about a year and a half now and for the first few months I had absoulutely 0 followers, it was so sad I almost wanted to cry. I know I will never have a great big following of a thousand or more followers but that's okay.
    I'm following your blog and hope you'll take a look at mine and perhaps (if you like it) follow me too.

  2. thk u all 🙂 and thk u almostPrecious for those nice words! I dont mind having less followers , for me this blog is also a good following proces and diary for my jewel creations 🙂

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