Your dayjob

I don’t want to talk about Etsy all the time
So here a fresh new topic about your dayjob: I’m not talking about the crafting job but if you earn your money by crafting thats ok too.

Because I want to know:
– What does it mean to you ?
– Is it a struggle every day to go too your work every day ?
– Is it just a monthly paycheck for you ?
– Or does your work means a lot to you ?
– Do you have fun having your dayjob ?
– What is your job giving you ?

I’m a developer myself, love to create websites and webapplications.
BUT if i could make a living creating jewelry and crocheting , I would switch in a heartbeat 😀 Why ? I would be my own boss , dont have annoying colleagues around me and still having a creative life.


  1. I'm a FT freelance graphic designer but I started out as an artist for 12 years selling online/offline. Because my husband's (drum guy) firm took a dive from the recession I've stopped crafting and started doing the graphic design ft. I would rather be hanging out on the forums and crafting some beautiful things, but I need the extra money to spend on the kids.

  2. Owning one's own business can be a demanding job and one that a person can not just walk away from. After awhile one begins to feel like their business has become another child in the family, demanding all of their time and attention. Though I would love it if my etsy shop was a big success and I actually made a profit, instead of losing money, I also know how much time is spent on promoting my etsy shop…which is a lot of time ! 🙁
    In all honesty what I'd love to be able to do is just make jewelry and let someone else sell it for me. Guess I need to clone myself so I could do both. LOL

  3. LOL and yes promoting your shop is a dayjob of its own :/
    sight , i wish I had a succesful shop 🙁
    But I hope the recession will soon be over.

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