Once in a blue moon

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Absolutely stoked to share the news – my latest resin creation just got its moment in the spotlight! Big shoutout to IndieSmiles for featuring my black rectangular-shaped pendant, rocking those celestial vibes with the moon and stars casted inside. Massive appreciation to AllAboutTheButtons for the recognition – you rock! 🌌🌙 This kind of support keeps the artistic journey fueled and inspired. Gratitude, y’all! 🙏

Buy Yourself A Resin Kit

72oz Premium Clear Epoxy Resin Kit High Gloss Casting and Coating Bubbles Free Art Resin for River Table Tops, Jewelry Making
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You can find and buy your own resin kit here and start creating your resin jewelry yourself. This is a
Premium Clear Epoxy Resin Kit – 72oz, Ideal for High Gloss Casting and Coating, Bubble-Free Art Resin Suitable for River Table Tops, Jewelry Making Projects, DIY Crafts, Tumblers, Molds, and Art Painting.


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