The results on Paint and Resin

After pouring the initial layer of resin into the mold and allowing it to undergo the curing process, I opted to apply paint onto this set layer. Once the paint had dried, I added a final layer of colored resin on top and allowed it to cure.

Exploring Magnetizing Possibilities

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I’ve just popped out the cured resin from the molds with paintings on them, and the results are truly captivating. The intricate details and vibrant colors have beautifully set, showcasing my first atempt of artistry encapsulated within the resin. As I examine the cured pieces, I find myself contemplating various possibilities for their use—whether as unique ornaments, eye-catching magnets, or perhaps even as components in a larger artistic project. The tactile and visual appeal of these resin creations sparks inspiration for future endeavors, making this artistic process both rewarding and full of potential.



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While the creative journey of crafting these resin pieces was undoubtedly enjoyable, it’s clear that they may not align with the vision of being pendant-worthy. However, this realization opens up a realm of possibilities for alternative applications. The notion of transforming them into magnets, perhaps in the form of charming standalone magnets or even as unique bottle cap magnets, adds a delightful twist to the narrative.

Anyway, the journey continues to unfold, promising even more avenues of creativity and expression.



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