Glitter resin jewels

I started my little shop with suede ribbons as accessoire part of the necklaces but I won’t use those anymore; it’s a new year and it’s time for some new jewel accessoires. I bought silvertone chains; with the photography it’s faster to list items , with suede ribbons I always had to dot little white dust away in photoshop. But not anymore since yesterday! Here are a couple of some new items that i’ve been working on:

Dark blue sparkling glitter resin necklace

Turquoise sparkling glitter resin necklace

These new shimmering items change colors in golden, green, leu, silver when you move the necklaces.


  1. Hallo Janis,
    Bedankt om mijn blog te volgen. Jij maakt prachtige juwelen chapeau!!!!
    Ik had nog nooit van resin gehoord, je ziet waar bloggen goed voor is je leert altijd nog nieuwe dingen kennen.
    Ben benieuwd naar je toekomstige creaties.

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