My Eyeglasses cozy

It has been a while since I bought the book Sew Darn Cute from Jenny Ryan.
It’s a lovely book with lots of fun beginners sewing projects.
I picked the eye glasses projects and will show you my steps.
Btw, this is not a tutorial..

1) I cut 1 rectangle of paper 19cm x 10cm for the exterior fabric nd for the lining fabric.

2)I wanted a padded cozy so I cut off 2 rectangles (19cm x 10cm) of polyfoam laminate flooring. This part wasn’t mentioned in the book.
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3) I cut off 4 cotton rectangles from an old curtain, 19cm x 10cm
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4) I wanted a cozy with crochet flowers and handsewed them om the right side of 1 of the 4 rectangles.
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5) This is how my sewing supply box looks likes .

6) sewing the flowers after ironing the rectangles…
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7) I placed the exterior rectangles right side together and 1 polyfoam on top and sewed along three sides, leaving the top edge open.

8) I also sewed the lining -right sides together , 1 polyfoam rectangle on top sewing along three sides leaving the top open and turned right side out.

9) Then came the tricky part: I inserted the linig into the exterior of the cozy with right sides together, lining up the side seams, pinning the lining and the exterior together and tried to sew threw three layers -cotton – foam – cotton- leaving 5 cm open along one side for turning right side out.

10) I sewed the layers but couldnt turn the right side out, It was all too thick.

So I started over, made a 5 cm bigger cozy (19cm x 15cm) and watched how soreribsin made her own owl padded electronic device case.

Here is my own cozy:Instead of 1 opening in the liningpart on step 8 I left both sides (top and bottom) open. It’s easier to turn the rigfht sides after the sewing part.

Next time I will try this project in the book again with fusible interfacing.


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