Blogspot Error ?

Since a couple of days, or maybe weeks i am experiencing a very annoying error on blogger / blogspot: I can’t log in properly and I can’t add comments under my own blogs or under the blogs of other bloggers.
Am I the only one ?
However, I have found a temporary solution after some google search: use Google Chrome or Firefox for blogging and it all works perfectly again!
But I hope this problem will be fixed soon, I don’t like using 2 browsers at the same time.


  1. I have also issues… when I use Safari I am not allowed to comment, when I open it with internet explorer I cannot see the followers part and therefore not follow any new blog… at least now I know I am not alone!!!! 🙂

  2. Hi, I use,, this can be used with blogger. It is very good. Allows you to reply to comments and you have a control panel to edit and so on. Try it out. you can check it out on my site. i am not affiliated so just telling you as I have seen. I have two blogger sites and I much prefer the one that uses diqus. also you can add friends and follow other conversations. i did not have the same problem as you, just wanted to try something different. now following you with Google connect. Have a wonderful day , Nina. I will be back.

  3. @teresa beejoux, goed om te weten dat het dus niet aan mij ligt! je leest er verder ook weinig over 🙂

    @ninalazina & nina kunni, thk you for the suggestions, I'm glad to have you in my blog as followers! 🙂

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