Work in Progress: Dried Flower Leafs

When I reproduce an out-of-stock resin cabochon I always also think about new creations. Cause I don’t want to spill resin.
This summer and spring I took walks in the park when I had the time and collected different kinds of dried out flowers and leafs.
I wish I knew the names of these plants 🙁
But here are some dried examples.

In the next pictures u see dried leafs/flowers casted in resin and ready to sand/polish.

And here you see an almost finished necklace. I still need to sand this one but the size was perfect for taking pictures.


  1. Wat leuk dat je de foto's zo laat zien. Een heel werkje toch wel volgens mij, maar leuk!
    Ze zien er in elk geval weer heel mooi uit!

  2. dank je wel 🙂 het kan idd een hele klus zijn soms wanneer je meerdere ideeen tegelijk wil uitwerken.

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