Embroidery me

Twenty years ago I was at school, asigned to embroider a landscape on a piece of fabric. It was 4″x 4″ and I hated the job back then because it took ages before it finally was finished.
Back then, I embroideried mountains behind some hills with blue sky and clouds. I still have it somewhere in my house, when I find It I will take a picture of it and place it in this blog.

Now I have more patience with craftarts like embroidery. I surfed the web and stumbled upon a blog from craftsofallkinds. The lady behind the blog handstamped a card with a cat sitting on a brick will between the trees.

I thought to myself, I have to embroider that one day. It will be my first embroidery project after many years, the card that looks like a painting and it is so pretty.

So here is my atempt! I cant tell you much about the stitches I have used, I just started with it and I think it came out just fine 🙂


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