Etsy and Nature Necklaces

Because it has been so long since my last update and for staying active on both of my shops, I first had to take a look at how Etsy is working again these days. I have learned that a lot has changed in the past year. You don’t get to see products on the front page of the website anymore and they changed the algoritm for searching products on the website. Because of this, I have a couple of things on my mind:

– Having a good look at the SEO of your listings, search engine optimization
– Renewing lots of listing at once is a waste of time and money since this new change
I took a good look at my own shop and decided to change some things. I changed the titles of many products and made sure that I used all tags. I will not renew listings like I used to. Back in the day you would recieve lots of views while renewing a list of items, but with this change the amount of views decreased. 
I will only renew listings when they expire or just add new listings.
But most importantly is, working on an update on my own website 🙂 Hopefully I will finish it soon.
In the meantime I created some new glass dome cabs necklaces:
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Autumn Leave Necklace

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Spring Necklace

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Vintage Feather Necklace
You can find these online.


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