Spider Plant “Ocean”

In the last days of december I bought a mini plant, a mini version of the Chlorophytum Ocean. Its a spider plant but mine was like 4″ big all around.
Spider plants form arching clumps of grass-like leaves and they get their common names from the baby plantlets that form on dangling stems. Spider plants also have tiny white flowers on long arching stems. Spider plants are one of the most adaptable and easy to grow houseplants that there is.
The Spider Plant “Ocean” has spider-like long stems leaves come from the plants’ center with usually white edges and a green stripe running down the middle. Its the opposite from the Spider Plant “Atlantic”, they have spider-like long stems leaves come from the plants’ center with usually green edges and a white stripe running down the middle.

Spiderplant Ocean
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Spiderplant Ocean

I took a picture of my mini plant on December 31th after repotting it in a bigger, 5″ pot. Its original pot was 2″.
Today I again took a picture and I was amazed by how fast these plants grow.

Those light green leaves in the center weren’t there 5 days ago. I guess that repotting 
in a pot 2.5 times its size after buying it did the trick very well.

I will have more updates when there is more to show

Update 31-1-2016: I have my spider plant for 1 month now and took another picture today. Repotting a chlorophytum into a bigger pot does wonders fora plant.

Update 20-2-2016: This plants grows like weeeed and I like the texture and its shape. I like it even beter than my Chlorophytum comosum Atlantis. The leaves are bigger , wider, this plant can really grow big I think.

Update 20-3-2016: Look how big this plant got in a month time.

Update 25-6-2016: Three months later, and I am still figuring out how or where to position this plant in its best way cause its getting bigger and bigger.

Get your own indoor spiderplant by a click on the image:


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