The Areca Palm and the Snake Plant

In August of last year I also bought an Areca palm tree. The biological name for this plant is Dypsis lutescens. I didnt buy a hugh plant and I regretted that a little afterwards, I heard 
that it takes a long time before it will grow big. But I googled the growth rate on the internet 
and I found that it grows 15-20 cm or 6″-8″ in a year. And that’s fine with me. Last summer 
when I bought it , it was around 50 cm or 19.8″ in length.I took a picture of my new plant in 

And today I took another picture and I can’t say that I see a difference in the growing stage but I am a patient person.

Next to the areca palm you see a snake plant. Its biological name is sansevieria laurentii. Common names for this plant are Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Variegated Snake Plant, Devil’s Tongue, African Spear, Bow String Hemp, Bowstring Hemp, Snake Plant, Good Luck Plant, Goldband Sansevieria, Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, Magic Sword, Laurentii Snake Plant.I bought this plant last month.

Update on March 20th: So I got impatient and I bought myself a bigger Areca palm on March 2th.This palm is 150 cm tall and 100 cm wide and its filling up the empty corner in my living room. I am happy with it. I also bought a ficus and a philondendron and post about this later.

Update on June 25th: After 3 months a took a new picture of my first Areca palm, just to see if there is a difference:

Pfff, it has grown taller, maybe 10 cm or 4 inch, thats nog much in 10 months time, Bit it also grew wider. I am still happy I bought that bigger plant


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