The Areca Palm and the Snake Plant Part 2

In 2015 I bought a the Areca Palm tree and in May 2016 I bought a snake plant. The biological name of the snake plant is sansevieria laurentii and the biological name for the palm tree plant is Dypsis lutescens. I took a picture of my new plant in 

August of 2016:

Update on October 17th 2020: 5 years later I decided to take another picture.

In 5 years time the snake plans has grown 60 cm or 23,6 inches and the Areca Palm Tree grew more leaves but didn’t get much bigger in length. I placed an offshoot of the spider plant next to the Areca Palm Tree in the pot to give this plant a fuller and mixed look. It is still in the same pot I placed it in 5 years ago. Maybe that’s why it didn’t grow much in length. They normally grow 6 to 10 inches (15-25 cm.) per year

Areca palm trees are commonly referred to as the Butterfly palm, and has many other common names. But, the butterfly palm is the most descriptive as to the areca’s aesthetics. The leaves curve upwards in multiple stems to create a butterfly look. They are sometimes used as privacy wall or fence. The areca palm is sometimes confused with many other plants in the genus, because of the palm family name,”areca.” The areca palm, above all other indoor palm trees, is most commonly found in households.

You can find your own Areca Plant here and you can find your own Snake plant here


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