N26 Experience for the last 6 Months

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Here is a new blog post so you all can get an idea of the N26 Mastercard and whether or not it is worth joining up.
Context, European Based User.
Setup: You will have your account within 10 minutes verified by a clear picture of your passport.

Card: I signed up for a business card because I wanted to have a credit card number and open up accounts on other corners on the internet where you need a credit card number. The card is free and you can’t get into debt with this card. If you don’t have money on your account you cant withdraw money, which is great. So don’t expect to be able to loan money with this card

App: Simple, Clean, user friendly

Account Support:  The employees at N26 are friendly and very helpful, quick to respond to the chat.

Making Primary Account:  You can make it your primary account but I didn’t. I have my own account for 28 years and I am satisfied with it. But if you want to make it your primary account you just use your N26 IBAN.

Summary: N26 Makes huge sense for me, it’s quick, simple, user friendly, excellent for travel, worked flawlessly across Europe, America, and Asia. MasterCard exchange rates are good. very quick to transfer money across Europe. Apple Pay worked flawlessly.:

Overall I would recommend moving to them. Score: 9/10

Sign up for N26 how easy banking can be.


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